Parts & Services

You’ll experience Allround service from All Round Vending…always!

Vending Machine Repairs

For clients who receive a free Vending Machine in their location in Melbourne, full maintenance & service is included
Allround Vending take care of everything. Including vending machine repairs and servicing, stock control, product replacement. Have the costs involved with your vending machine taken care of. (excluding electricity supply costs).

For conventional & unconventional vending machine buyers around Australia
Allround Vending are available 24/7. Get all the technical service and breakdown support you need, (including parts). Electronics Engineers and Refrigeration Experts are on-call and ready to help you. Allround Vending Technicians are accessible in all capital cities. Those who need support in regional areas can access expertise over the phone. (to assist your local technician to rectify any issues).

Need upgrades or Vending Machine technical servicing?
(e.g. for money note changes driven by the Australian Mint, or if your machine was purchased elsewhere, and is now out of its warranty period)
Allround Vending can help ensure your machine is optimised (conditions apply). Your machine may be okay for now, however $10 notes will be converted to a new version in September 2017, $20 notes will also follow in 2018. Ensure that you maximise your machine’s potential.

Refrigeration repairs to our (or your own) Vending Machines
Allround Vending assess and organise the repair of compatible machines in most cases. With 20 years of Vending Machine Servicing Experience and Expert Service Technicians on-call, Contact All Round Vending for all enquiries.