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You’ll get the Latest Technology, with LED efficiency, & All Vending Machines for sale are Fully Refrigerated.

Buy your own State-of-the-Art Vending Machine for your premises from Allround Vending

Choose your width size to fit your space and place your order today.

  • Ask us about our Cash & Cashless Payment Options:
    Simplicity for all – with EFT, Credit Card, Apple Pay, Tap & Go, Coins/Notes, & Pay Wave to choose from.
  • We stock 5 different Vending types, designed for Australian Market
  • From widths that range from small to large, there’s one that will perfectly fit your space

Your Vending Machine will…

  • Be delivered to your door
  • Come with full installation, support & training
  • Come with 12 Months warranty (conditions apply)

  • … and you’ll get full technical service back-up 24/7 when you needs us.







Parts & Services

You’ll experience Allround service from All Round Vending…always!

Vending Machine Repairs

For clients who receive a free Vending Machine in their location in Melbourne, full maintenance & service is included
Allround Vending takes care of everything. Including vending machine repairs and servicing, stock control, product replacement. Have the costs involved with your vending machine taken care of. (excluding electricity supply costs).

For conventional & unconventional vending machine buyers around Australia
Allround Vending are available 24/7. Get all the technical service and breakdown support you need, (including parts). Electronics Engineers and Refrigeration Experts are on-call and ready to help you. Allround Vending Technicians are accessible in all capital cities. Those who need support in regional areas can access expertise over the phone. (to assist your local technician to rectify any issues).

Refrigeration repairs to our (or your own) Vending Machines
Allround Vending assess and organise the repair of compatible machines in most cases. With 25 years of Vending Machine Servicing Experience and Expert Service Technicians on-call, Contact All Round Vending for all enquiries.

Unconventional Vending

Buy your own State-of-the-Art Vending Machine

Distinctly Designed & Custom-made for your premises. Allround Vending also offer options for healthy vending machines

Increase your accountability and stock control process with equipment access pass cards

Dispense unique and regular products and equipment of your choice, and keep track of your in-house inventory online

You’ll get the Latest Technology, with LED efficiency, & Your Machine may also be Fully Refrigerated.

Talk to us about what you need, and we’ll custom-design a machine to address your specific product requirements.

 Allround Vending has partnered with multiple high-level manufacturing, construction and mining companies, to assess and contain inner-office and onsite misappropriation of stationery and equipment. We’re here to help you track and trace your consumables.

We particularly specialise in Vending Machines to cater for:

  • PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) – Protective Gloves, Safety Glasses, Masks (dust), Ear Protection, and First Aid

  • Healthcare Products (Cosmetics and Essential items)
  • Airport Vending (Travel and Personal items), and

  • Office Requisites (Stationery Consumable items).

Your Vending Machine will…

  • Be delivered to your door
  • Come with full installation, support & training
  • Come with 18 Months warranty (conditions apply)

  • … and you’ll get full technical service back-up 24/7 when you needs us.

You’ll get

Inventory Control – from a single location that will record your data and centrally report what’s being used – and by whom.

Custom-made Machines – with individual card readers for your staff, so that you can see what’s going on, and potentially reduce instances of in-house equipment and consumables theft.

Easy Monitoring – to ensure you can see what stocks need replenishing and what items are no longer useful for your operation, as well as automatically tabulate your high-needs consumables for easier re-ordering processes – from an instantly downloadable spreadsheet.

Machine Placement Options – customised machines mean you can order a type of machine to fit your available area and place it in an optimal position – in your store room, lunch room, site office, administration area, or anywhere else that’s convenient.

Product Tray Design Solutions – to cater for the unique equipment or stationery items to be dispensed.

The Ability to Enable 24/7 Access to Equipment & Stocks – with our card reader system, no-one needs to be there to monitor staff access to the machine, which means your OH&S and other necessary supplies can continue to be obtained as required – but under strict and trackable measures.

Healthy vending machines – Healthy product options available

At Allround Vending we have Vending Machine Solutions that will revolutionise your business.

Ask us about how our machines can be utilised around your:

  • Office

  • Construction/Building & Mining Sites
  • Distribution Centres & Factories
  • Airports, and/or
  • Shopping Centres.